​​6 Tips for Choosing the Best Wilderness Lodge Canada Has to Offer

Thinking about planning the trip of a lifetime next summer with a fishing adventure in British Columbia? You’ll need to choose the right lodge first.

Choosing the best wilderness lodge Canada has to offer is easier than you might think. Keep reading to learn 6 tips to make the process easier, and to ensure you choose the perfect destination for your trip.

1. Consider the Type of Trip You Want

Not all fishing trips are created equal. Each wilderness lodge offers its own unique trip options. Some act as a lodging option alone, while visitors spend their days fishing or exploring on their own. Others provide an entire experience, providing full itineraries that help visitors maximize their time and enjoy some incredible adventures.

When you’re researching wilderness lodges, consider the type of trip you want. Do you want a guided fishing trip? Would you rather go in search of wildlife than spend your time casting a line? Or perhaps you want a combination of both. Knowing the type of trip you want ahead of time will help you narrow your options when choosing a lodge.

2. Look for All-Inclusive Packages

When you’re looking to plan a relaxing vacation, nothing beats an all-inclusive package. These allow you to pay for your trip in advance and then relax while every detail of your trip is managed for you. 

No worrying about where to eat dinner or how to spend your day. Everything from your meals to your fishing excursions to your lodging is included, which means less planning for you — and no need to carry your purse or wallet during your trip!

3. Ask About Customizations

An all-inclusive package may be the easiest way to travel. But if a package is too rigid, you might not have room to customize your trip to better fit your interests.

Before booking a stay at a Canadian wilderness lodge, ask about your options to customize your trip.

At Sointula Lodge, we offer several options for visitors to customize their individual experiences. Whether you want a private boat experience or want to add on an open sea fishing experience, our trip enhancements make it easy to create the trip you’re dreaming of.

4. Check the Lodgings

While you might be dreaming of spending your time on the water during your Canada adventure, you will wind up spending a good portion of your time at the lodge itself. Make sure that you’re choosing a wilderness lodge that’s not only comfortable, but that also offers plenty of amenities to enjoy during your time off the water.

At Sointula Lodge, you’ll spend your days chasing fish or other wildlife in one of the most beautiful settings in British Columbia. But the beauty doesn’t end when you step off the boat. Our stunning, historic lodge is set on 38 pristine acres on quiet Malcolm Island. Spend your evenings relaxing in the hot tub or warming up beside a campfire. Before the sun goes down, enjoy a hike or visit our resident herd of alpacas.

5. Consider How You’ll Get There

While a remote wilderness lodge might help you to disconnect, getting there in the first place can wind up being more of a hassle than it’s truly worth.

Malcolm Island feels like it’s a world away, but is surprisingly easy to get to. Whether you choose to fly or drive to Vancouver Island and take a short boat ride to Sointula Lodge, or arrive directly via a floatplane, getting to our island is as relaxing as the time you’ll spend with us.

6. Decide When You Plan to Travel

When you plan to visit will also impact the lodge you can visit.

Most Canadian wilderness lodges close during the fall and winter months when snow and ice make it difficult to get around. If you know that you’ll be traveling during a particular month, check to make sure that the lodge will be open during that time.

At Sointula Lodge, we’re open to visitors from May to September. Which month you choose to visit will have an impact on your trip. For instance, July brings sunny, warm days and cool nights, with plenty of daylight hours to enjoy. While Septembers are cooler, they are a favorite among locals for the crisp days and the changing colors of the leaves.

Choosing the Best Wilderness Lodge Canada Has to Offer

Canada has no shortage of stunning destinations to choose from, including plenty of incredible wilderness lodges. Choosing the right one for your visit will have a big impact on how you spend your time and the overall experience that you enjoy.

Sointula Lodge is the ultimate in luxury fishing excursions and wilderness adventures. From our beautiful lodge to our delicious five-star meals to our experienced guides, our all-inclusive packages ensure that you have an incredible and memorable experience from the moment that you step onto our dock.

Ready to start planning the trip of a lifetime? Book your 2022 visit to Sointula Lodge today!