3 Reasons You Need To Experience a Fishing Lodge in BC

3 Reasons You Need To Experience a Fishing Lodge in BC

British Columbia (BC) is one of the most renowned fishing regions in the world, with travelers coming from around the globe to try their hand at the Canadian waters filled with unique fish species. If you’re considering a BC fishing trip, these are the reasons you need to experience it all at a quality fishing lodge.

Diversity of Fish

There’s no shortage of fish diversity in British Columbia, as the region is home to all kinds of species and fishing styles. If you love salmon fishing, Campbell River in British Columbia holds the moniker of the salmon fishing capital of the world, and not by accident.

The region has many other incredible fishing opportunities, from the Haida Gwaii archipelago to the Fraser River and Vancouver Island. Whether you enjoy sturgeon fishing, fly fishing, tuna fishing, or something else, you’ll find one of the best places to do it in British Columbia.

Untouched Wilderness

One of the reasons so many anglers enjoy visiting British Columbia and regions like Vancouver Island is the deep connection to the untouched wilderness. There’s nothing quite like the deep Canadian wilderness and its wide breadth of animal, fish, and plant life.

At a fishing lodge, visitors can experience awe-inspiring nature and get a deeper connection to the outdoors than if they stayed at a hotel or resort nearby. If you’re looking for a true nature-filled experience, you need to experience a fishing lodge in BC.


For many visitors, just the convenience and ease of staying at a fishing lodge is worth the trip. Many anglers visit British Columbia just for fishing, so they don’t want to worry about or waste time searching for the best spots, renting boats, or bringing all their gear.

At a fishing lodge like Sointula Lodge, the entire visit and stay are about giving anglers the ideal fishing experience and taking care of all the small details and hassles so you can focus on fishing.

Bonus Reason: Experienced Guides

Another great reason to stay at a fishing lodge is to get firsthand knowledge and experience of the area and fish from a professional guide. Fishing in a foreign area can be challenging and frustrating for even the most experienced fisher as they go through the learning process of the region.

Most fishing lodges, like the Sointula luxury lodge in Vancouver Island, provide experienced, licensed guides that know the waters and the fish like the backs of their hands. There’s no better way to guarantee a fun and fruitful fishing trip than to bring an experienced angling guide.