4 Travel Hacks for Your Stay at British Columbia Lodges 

Now is a great time to start planning your summer 2023 adventures. If those plans include a visit to one of the best British Columbia lodges, Sointula Lodge, you’re in luck; this might just be the easiest vacation ever to plan!

Our all-inclusive packages mean that you won’t have to worry about figuring out how to spend your days, where to eat, or the best place to stay. We’ve hand-picked the perfect itineraries for your visit. Whether you’re enjoying a gourmet beach picnic or heading out to that secret fishing spot, we’ve got you covered!

This doesn’t mean that you won’t get to customize or plan any aspect of your trip. In fact, we’ve got a few hacks for you that you can use to make your visit even more special! Keep reading to learn the hacks you need for your next stay at British Columbia lodges.

1. Get a Private Boat With a Booking of 3-4 People

At Sointula Lodge, we have space for just 18 guests at a time. This means that you’re guaranteed an intimate, crowd-free experience every time you visit. Unlike other fishing resorts BC has to offer, which may hold as many people as your average hotel, here at Sointula, we believe in creating a more relaxed, exclusive feel. This extends to your time on the water, too.

We place just three to four guests on each boat. Along with a dedicated guide or two, you’ll enjoy plenty of space to cast a line without bumping elbows with other guests. If you want a little help, you won’t find yourself waiting your turn with your guide.

If you’re traveling alone or with one other person, you can pay to upgrade to a private boat for $1,500 plus tax. But if you are traveling as a group of three or four, you’ll automatically get a private boat for your group!

2. Customize Your Trip with a Wilderness Tour Package

Like most British Columbia lodges, Sointula Lodge is best known for its Fishing Packages. But what if you also want to do some exploring on land, go searching for marine wildlife, or enjoy some other incredible excursions? You’ll need this next hack!

Instead of booking a Fishing Package on your next visit, opt for a Wilderness Tour Package instead. These packages include customizable time on your boat each day. Ride to a private island and enjoy a picnic lunch. Swim beside a stunning granite waterfall. Spend an afternoon whale watching. Your experienced, licensed guide will be there to help you plan your day and offer suggestions for your next incredible adventure.

With a Wilderness Tour Package, you’ll still enjoy the same perks and amenities of a regular Fishing Package, including delicious meals, drinks, any gear that you need, and our Lodge amenities, including a hot tub, Finnish sauna, and more.

3. Start Your Vacation With an Adventure

Every day at the best fishing resorts BC has to offer is packed with adventure. But did you know that you can also start off your vacation with another adventure before you ever arrive on Malcolm Island?

There are two ways to get to Sointula Lodge. One option is to catch a BC Ferries ride to Vancouver Island from Vancouver, drive across the island, and then catch another short ferry ride to Malcolm Island. The other option is to catch a seaplane flight outside of Vancouver and ride directly to the island.

Not only is a seaplane flight the fastest way to get to our Lodge, but you’ll also enjoy an incredible aerial tour of coastal British Columbia along the way! It’s an incredible adventure, and the perfect way to kick off an amazing vacation!

If you do opt to take a seaplane flight to get to Sointula Lodge, keep in mind that you’ll be a bit more restricted in how much luggage you can bring. In most cases, you’ll be restricted to just 25 pounds of luggage per person, including both your luggage and any carry-ons. But since we provide all of the gear that you’ll need, including warm float coats, it’s easy to travel light to Sointula Lodge!

4. Catch the Biggest Fish or Spot Some Unique Wildlife to Sit in the Fish Chair

This next hack requires a bit of luck. But if you happen to catch the biggest fish of the day, are the first to spot an orca, whale, bald eagle, or other special wildlife, or simply have a fantastic day, you might just get a chance to sit in the famous Fish Chair!

This beautifully carved wooden throne is located in our Lodge. Take a seat on this special chair, and one of our friendly staff members might just add a velvet cape and crown for a special photo op!

Planning Your Next Stay at British Columbia Lodges

Planning a stay at one of the best British Columbia lodges in 2023? These simple travel hacks can help to make your visit to Sointula Lodge even more special!

Of course, you don’t need a hack to enjoy an incredible vacation! We guarantee endless special moments and a lifetime’s worth of memories from every visit to our Lodge.

Don’t just take our word for it! Book a visit and see for yourself! Spots are already filling up fast for our 2023 season. Book your trip today to guarantee your spot!