Customizing Your Stay at Vancouver Island Lodges

Visiting Vancouver Island lodges like Sointula Lodge is always a chance to make some incredible memories. But if you want to take a bucket-list-worthy vacation to the next level, you’re in luck—there are a number of ways to customize your stay.

Whether you want to customize your package and spend some time whale watching or hiking as well as fishing, or make your day a little more special by booking a private boat, we offer a number of unique options. Keep reading to learn 5 ways that you can customize your visit to Sointula Lodge.

Opt for a Wilderness Tour

All of the best fishing lodges BC has offer fishing packages. But what if someone in your group doesn’t want to spend their whole trip fishing? Or any time at all fishing?

At Sointula Lodge, we’re best known for our luxury fishing excursions. But while casting a line in pursuit of a King salmon in the cool waters of British Columbia is a great way to spend your vacation, it isn’t your only option.

For those who don’t want to fish, have an interest in wildlife, or are just looking for a unique experience, we also offer luxury Wilderness Tours. You’ll enjoy many of the same features of our classic Fishing Excursion, including delicious meals, a Beach Bistro picnic, and relaxing evenings at the Lodge or exploring the island. 

But rather than taking to the water with fishing gear each day, you’ll go equipped with binoculars and your camera in search of orcas, sea lions, and even bears, wolves, and more along the shorelines. You’ll explore some of the hundreds of islands located in the area, taking in the region’s unique natural beauty.

Book a Private Boat

If you want to make an already special trip a bit more so, opt for a private boat experience. For an additional fee, you can guarantee that you and your partner have a fishing boat all to yourselves for the length of your trip. Not only does this make your experience a bit more intimate, but it also ensures that you’ll have more personal time with your guide. This is a great choice for those hoping to improve and expand their fishing skills.

While we do our best to not mix groups during our regular fishing excursions, booking a private boat ensures that your group of two isn’t paired with another couple for your daily excursions. Booking a private boat for two people for the duration of your trip will cost an additional $1,500 plus tax.

Studies show that spending quality time with your spouse or partner is key to improving your communication, keeping your passion alive, and de-stressing. Going out of the water together, along with your guide, of course, is a great way to make your visit a special bonding time for the two of you.

Hit the High Seas

Another great way to customize your trip is with a special enhancement. At no extra charge when you book a fishing package, you can schedule our High Seas Day package. With this add-on, you’ll get to hit the high seas for a day of fishing in open water.

You’ll spend the day fishing in the ocean off the northern tip of Vancouver Island. You’ll also get to enjoy a special boat ride there and back, giving you a chance to see even more of the area by water. If you’ve ever dreamed of deep-water fishing, this is a great way to experience it with the help of an experienced guide.

Great Bear Rainforest Fly Fishing

Visiting Vancouver Island lodges is a chance to stay in the heart of one of the world’s most incredible natural gems; the Great Bear Rainforest. Want to get even closer? Another great—and free—enhancement that can be added to any fishing package is our Great Bear Rainforest Fly Fishing experience. 

On this incredible day trip, you’ll travel up remote, untouched watersheds, where you’ll fight wild sea-run Cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, and more, in the beautiful Great Bear Rainforest. A day of fly fishing is already included in every fishing package. When you book your package, simply let our staff know that you’d like to add a day of fly casting to your trip.

Book the Entire Lodge

Many families haven’t had the chance to spend as much quality time together as they’d like in recent years. But now that COVID-19 restrictions have lifted and vaccines have spread, now is a great time to think about making up for lost time, and planning a family reunion. Or, maybe you’re thinking about rewarding your employees with a special corporate retreat after dealing with the fallout and challenges of the past few years. If you think that Sointula Lodge is off the list of destinations, think again. 

We offer the option to book out our entire Lodge for groups looking to create an extra special atmosphere for their troop. In addition to booking the lodge, you’ll be able to customize your experience to fit the wants and needs of every member of your group. 

Customizing Your Stay at Vancouver Island Lodges

Customizing your visit to Sointula Lodge is a great way to make your trip even more special, and better suited to you and your traveling partners’ interests and needs. From an exciting High Seas adventure to booking the entire lodge for your family reunion or corporate retreat, these are just a few of the ways that we can customize your experience with us. 

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