The Premier Destination for British Columbia Fishing Lodges: Everything You Need to Know About Malcolm Island

When it comes to British Columbia fishing lodges, few locations can rival beautiful Malcolm Island. This scenic island off the coast of Vancouver Island offers a pristine setting for relaxing and unwinding after a day of fishing. If you have time to extend your stay after a visit to Sointula Lodge, you can head into the town of Sointul. This historic fishing village offers unique charm and an old-world feel.

What makes Malcolm Island such a special destination for those looking for the best British Columbia fishing lodges? Keep reading to find out.

The Island’s First Settlers Were Dreaming of a Utopia

Malcolm Island, like many of the surrounding islands on the Pacific Coast of British Columbia, has been home or hunting grounds for First Nation tribes for thousands of years. But the island’s first settlers arrived at the turn of the 20th century and came in search of a better life.

In 1901, a group of Finnish immigrants arrived on Malcolm Island. They were led by a political refugee by the name of Matti Kurikka. The group was looking to leave behind the tough life they had had on Vancouver Island. They called their new town Sointula, which means “harmony.” They quickly set about creating a communal style of living.

By 1902, 127 inhabitants had arrived. They began building their vision of a utopian society. Unfortunately, life was tough on the island. After a fire killed 11 individuals and burned much of the community’s supplies in 1903, the town of Sointula rapidly began to decline, and by 1905 had ceased to exist.

While that early community didn’t survive, some individuals continued life on the island. Their ancestors continue to live there today. In fact, you’ll still see some of the Finnish influences in the language on the town’s signs and its architecture. 

A Temperate Rainforest Covers the Island

If you think that rainforests are only found close to the equator, think again. Much of British Columbia’s Pacific Coast is covered in rainforest — temperate rainforest, that is. Close to a quarter of the world’s temperate rainforests are located in British Columbia, and much of it is on the coast. 

Unlike a tropical rainforest, which tends to be warmer and located close to the Earth’s equator, temperate rainforests are characterized by lots of rainfall, which leads to a lush, blooming forest canopy. These temperate rainforests are also home to a variety of unique wildlife.

It’s Home to One of the Only Known Orca Rubbing Beaches

Another must-see if you have time on your trip to venture beyond Sointula Lodge is the island’s famous whale rubbing beach. Here, pods of orcas flock close to the shore during the summer months and begin to rub their bodies against the rocky bottoms of the ocean. 

Scientists aren’t sure why these creatures exhibit this behavior, or what draws them to this particular location. But what is known is that the orca rubbing beach on Malcolm Island is one of the only known places where orcas flock to for this behavior.

If you want a chance to see the orcas at this beach, head to Bere Point Regional Park. The park is located 6 km from the town of Sointula, on Malcolm Island’s north shore. The public campground at the park is the best place to see the orca rubbing beach from the shore.

While at Bere Point Regional Park, consider taking a few hours to hike the Beautiful Bay Trail. This 10 km round trip hike offers great views of the orca rubbing beach and is a great chance to explore the island’s beautiful coastline.

Planning a Visit to Malcolm Island and Sointula Lodge

Are you looking for the premier destination for British Columbia fishing lodges? Few locations rival beautiful Malcolm Island. Whether you’re eager to try your hand at salmon fishing or want to relax and explore British Columbia’s remote wilderness in search of wildlife, Sointula Lodge has you covered. 

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