5 Things You Don’t Need to Pack When You Visit Luxury Canadian Fishing Lodges

There are plenty of things you’ll need to bring along when you visit one of British Columbia’s luxury Canadian fishing lodges. Your passport, a Canadian fishing license, and clothing that you can layer and un-layer as the temperatures change are all must-haves for your trip. Other items, like your own rain gear, polarized sunglasses, and a swimsuit for hopping in the hot tub are all optional but can enhance your visit.

But while there are a few things you won’t want to forget, there are also plenty of items you might pack for other vacations that you can leave at home during your visit to the best luxury fishing lodge BC has to offer. Keep reading to learn what you won’t need to have in your suitcase.

1. Fishing Gear

Whether you are an avid fisherman or your visit will be your first time casting a line, there’s no need to bring your own fishing gear. Or, at least not when you choose the right luxury Canadian fishing lodges. At Sointula Lodge, our experienced guides will have everything ready when you board your boat each day. 

This means not having to worry about lugging rods, reels, and tackle onto an airplane or packing it into your car for a long road trip. Plus, we’ve carefully chosen the gear you’ll be using to help maximize your chances of reeling in your next record catch!

2. A Cooler (Just as long as you’re flying home)

If you are road tripping your way to Sointula Lodge or live in British Columbia, you’ll want to pack a cooler to stash your fish in on your way home. However, if you’ll be flying in, this is one cumbersome piece of luggage you can leave at home.

At the end of each day on the water, your guides will gut, clean, and filet your fish. Then, it’s packaged and frozen, with each guests’ filets kept separate. Finally, when you’re ready (or not ready!) to go home, we’ll pack your frozen fish into a wax box. This will contain and preserve it for your flight or flights home. 

Our wax boxes can be flown as checked luggage on your flight, so you won’t need to carry it through any airports or worry about shipping it home. We’ve even had guests fly home with their fish to countries like Norway, Australia, and Bahrain! Your fish will arrive at your home ready to go in your freezer until you’re ready to prepare it.

3. Canadian Money

Even if you have some at home, this is another item you can leave behind on your visit to the top luxury Canadian fishing lodges. Local retailers accept major credit cards, so you won’t need to worry about exchanging your money for Canadian currency. 

During your visit to Sointula Lodge, you can leave your cash and credit cards in the room all day; everything is included in the price of your visit! From food to alcohol to your activities, you won’t need to pay any extra. That is, unless you want to do some shopping in our gift shop, of course!

4. Fancy Evening Clothes

You’ll dine on four-course, gourmet dinners during your trip to Sointula Lodge, and even indulge in a decadent beach picnic. But while the meals may be five-star, our lunches and dinners are casual affairs. 

Pack comfortable, casual clothes to change into when you change out of your fishing gear after a day on the water. All the better for taking a moonlit stroll afterward anyway–there’s no need for fancy evening clothes here!

5. Towels or Bedding

During your stay, you’ll be in one of our 12 guest rooms. Some are located in cedarwood cabins that are original to our property, while the rest are smaller wood cabins built from Douglas Fir trees harvested from Vancouver Island. 

But while this might be a remote, outdoorsy paradise, it’s anything but rustic. No need to bring towels, bedding, or camping gear along. Rather than roughing it after a long day of fishing and good food, you’ll relax in our casual, yet luxurious rooms, equipped with everything you’ll need for a comfortable stay.

Packing for Your Visit to One of the Best Luxury Canadian Fishing Lodges

From fancy evening clothes to towels to fishing gear, there are plenty of things you can leave at home on your visit. Nearly everything you’ll need for a fun, exciting fishing or wilderness tour adventure is included in the price of your visit. 

While we do provide most gear, you’ll still want to bring along the right clothes, boots, and some personal items for your stay. Check out our packing guide to learn more.

Haven’t booked your next visit yet? Now’s a great time to reserve your spot when we reopen to guests in 2021! Contact us today to learn more or to book a fishing trip or wilderness tour for you and your family.