7 Reasons to Book Sointula Lodge Wilderness Tours in 2023

At Sointula Lodge, we offer two different types of all-inclusive packages. Our Fishing Packages are often our most popular. During these 4- or 5-day trips, you’ll spend your days casting a line for salmon, exploring British Columbia by water, and enjoying Sointula Lodge’s many luxury amenities.

Sointula Lodge may be known for its fishing. But our Wilderness Tours are a hidden gem. From the ability to customize your visit to the chance to experience some unique activities, there are plenty of reasons to opt for a Wilderness Tour. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Customize Your Adventure

Perhaps the best reason to book Wilderness Tours from one of the best British Columbia fishing resorts? The chance to customize your next adventure. Fishing packages might be the signature trip at Sointula Lodge. But guests looking to customize their visit can book a Wilderness Tour, and choose how they spend each day. 

This is an excellent option for those who don’t want to spend their entire trip fishing. Instead, you can explore coastal British Columbia by land and sea, searching for wildlife, hiking, and more. If you want to try casting a line for some of the region’s famous Pacific salmon and other fish species, don’t worry; you can do that too! You and your travel party will work with the talented staff and guides at Sointula Lodge to customize each day of your stay.

2. Explore the Broughton Archipelago

You might mix up how you fill each day. However, one thing that won’t change is that you’ll be spending your time exploring the Broughton Archipelago.

The Broughton Archipelago is a collection of islands and islets located in British Columbia. It’s located on the eastern end of Queen Charlotte Strait. It was named by George Vancouver in 1792, after William Robert Broughton. Broughton captained Vancouver’s expedition ship, the HMS Chatham. 

Malcolm Island is located in the heart of the Broughton Archipelago. Whether you’re exploring some of the Archipelago’s other remote islands or the many waterways located within it, you’ll have a chance to enjoy one of the world’s most concentrated areas of marine wilderness.

3. Enjoy Sointula Lodge’s All-Inclusive Experience

No matter which package you book at Sointula Lodge, you’ll get to enjoy the all-inclusive experience our lodge is known for.

Nearly every part of your trip is included in the package price. You’ll enjoy daily excursions with an experienced, licensed guide. Your accommodations in our beautiful cabins, meals in the Lodge and on the water, and any gear you might need are included. If you do any fishing, the processing and packaging of your catch are included, too. 

The only additional expenses guests have outside of the package price are their transportation to and from the Lodge ($38.85 CDN), a British Columbia fishing license, and tips for staff (we recommend 15% of the trip value per guest).

4. Go Searching for Wildlife in a Heated, Enclosed Vessel

If you’ve never visited British Columbia during the summer months, you might be expecting warm and sunny weather all season long. We do enjoy plenty of pleasant, beautiful weather this time of year. But it’s not unusual for mornings, evenings, or even afternoons to be chilly or days to be rainy, especially early and late in the summer season.

But when you book a Wilderness Tour with Sointula Lodge, you can enjoy your time no matter the weather. Each of our vessels offers heated, enclosed areas. Here, you can take in the sights while staying dry and warm.

5. Plan a Trip Your Whole Group Will Love

A customizable Wilderness Tour package is great for mixing up how you spend your time. But it’s also a great way to accommodate a group of travelers of different ages or interests. 

If part of your group wants to fish, but others are hoping to do some exploring and searching for wildlife, you can easily adjust your plans to make sure that everyone gets to do what they enjoy. Whether you’re traveling with your extended family, a group of friends, or some coworkers, having the ability to customize your visit can help ensure that everyone has a great time.

6. End Your Evenings With Some Relaxation

After a long day of enjoying your time on the water, hiking, and otherwise exploring, there’s no better way to unwind than with a dip in the hot tub or some time in our traditional Finnish sauna. Swap stories with your friends about your day, and rest up as you get ready for another day of adventure!

7. Enjoy a Bucket List Vacation With Wilderness Tours at Sointula Lodge

The best thing about booking Wilderness Tours from one of the best British Columbia fishing resorts is the chance to enjoy a bucket list vacation. From exploring remote British Columbia to spotting orcas, whales, and bears, casting a line for Pacific salmon, or hiking beneath a towering waterfall, there’s no shortage of bucket list-worthy moments to enjoy at Sointula Lodge.

Ready to see for yourself what makes a Wilderness Tour from Sointula Lodge a bucket list-worthy trip? Now is a great time to book your own visit! Spots are filling up fast for our 2023 season. Book your visit today to guarantee your choice of dates.