7 Things You Don’t Want to Forget For Your Visit to Sointula Lodge

Rain, cool weather, or even a day without catching a fish can’t ruin a day at Sointula Lodge! The rain gear and float coats provided for all guests will help you stay dry and warm, and our experienced staff and range of amenities will more than make up for one unsuccessful day on the water — plus, you’ll have several more days to try again for some delicious salmon to take home with you! But one thing that can have an impact on your all inclusive fishing lodge stay is leaving your passport at home or forgetting to get a BC fishing license ahead of your trip.

Want to make sure that a simple mistake doesn’t derail your adventure? Keep reading to learn 7 things you don’t want to forget for your visit to Sointula Lodge.

1. Your Passport

Perhaps the single most important thing to remember to pack for your all inclusive fishing lodge adventure is your passport. Unless you’re a Canadian citizen traveling to Sointula Lodge from within your home country, you’ll need a passport to get here!

Canadian law requires all visitors entering Canada to provide both proof of identity and proof of citizenship. U.S. citizens can provide either a valid passport, a passport card, or a NEXUS card. A passport card can be used when traveling to Canada by land. However, a passport book is required for air travel. A NEXUS card is another form of ID that frequent travelers can apply for, and that allows for quick, simplified border crossings between the U.S. and Canada for trusted, screened travelers.

When you book your Sointula Lodge visit, check the passports or passport cards of all members of your travel group. If a member of your party needs a passport or a passport renewal, start the process early to avoid cutting it too close to your travel date.

2. A Camera

There are no shortage of Kodak-worthy moments you’ll want to capture during your British Columbia adventure. The morning fog rolling off the water as you walk to the dock from your private room. Your family member holding up their very first catch of the trip. A friend laughing on the dock as you take in a stunning sunset.

A camera, or your smartphone camera, should be at the top of your packing list. If you opt for a camera, make sure to bring extra memory cards and batteries or a charger to make sure you can use it each day of your stay. If your smartphone battery tends to not last through the day, consider bringing a portable battery box to recharge so you don’t miss out on capturing a special moment.

3. Your Swimsuit

It may not be warm enough to take a dip in the water during your visit. But this doesn’t mean that you should leave your swimsuit at home! After a long day on the water battling tricky King salmon or an oversized halibut, nothing quite beats relaxing in the hot tub or sauna. These unique amenities may be just a small part of your stay at the best all inclusive fishing lodge BC has to offer, but you’ll be glad that you planned ahead to enjoy them!

4. A BC Fishing License

Unless you’re not planning to cast a line during your visit — and you can book a fishing-free visit with one of our customizable Wilderness Tour packages — you won’t want to forget to bring a BC fishing license along.

British Columbia requires anyone, regardless of their age, to carry a valid fishing license to fish in the province. While the team at Sointula Lodge provides everything you’ll need to fish, we can’t provide your fishing license. Instead, you’ll need to obtain a fishing license online ahead of your visit, print it out, and have it with you when you arrive.

You can get your BC fishing license from the Fisheries and Ocean Canada website. You’ll need to create a profile, and choose “Pacific” as your preferred fishing region. Select a 5-day license, and add in the dates for your Sointula Lodge trip. Add a salmon stamp to your license as well. Purchase your license, print it out, and bring a copy with you on your visit.

We do recommend that those booking a Wilderness Tour package still purchase a fishing license even if you don’t plan to fish during your visit. Having a license will allow you to set prawn or crab trips during your tour as well!

5. Sunglasses

Even on a cloudy day, having sunglasses with you while out on the water is key! Polarized sunglasses in particular help to reduce glare and even let you see beneath the waves. Whether you’re watching to see what fish you have on your line or watching dolphins or orcas glide along beside the boat, you’ll be happy that you brought along a pair of quality, comfortable sunglasses.

6. A Variety of Clothes

The weather in British Columbia can sometimes be unpredictable. A morning that starts out cool and wet can quickly turn into a hot afternoon. A warm day can turn cold as the sun sets, leaving you shivering if you’ve only packed t-shirts and shorts.

It’s a good idea to check the weather on Malcolm Island before your trip so that you can better plan what you’ll pack. But regardless of the forecast, plan to bring a variety of layers that you can mix and match. That way, if the weather takes a turn, you’ll be able to add or remove layers to stay comfortable, so nothing stands in the way of you and some incredible experiences.

7. Your Sense of Adventure

The top thing we recommend that you don’t forget? Your sense of adventure! Sointula Lodge is an experience that you won’t find with other BC fishing charters. From our stunning setting to our experienced team to the all inclusive packages, this is certain to be the trip of a lifetime — or one of several if your first visit inspires you to book a return trip! Try something new or cross something off your bucket list during your visit!

Planning Your All Inclusive Fishing Lodge Adventure

From your passport to a BC fishing license, these are a few things you don’t want to forget when packing for your all inclusive fishing lodge visit. Luckily, these and your clothes and personal items are all you’ll need to worry about packing — everything else is provided for you!

Ready to see for yourself what sets us apart from other BC fishing charters? There’s still time to book a 2022 adventure at Sointula Lodge. Book your trip today to secure your spot!