Booking Multiple BC Fishing Charters Vs. a Luxury Fishing Resort Package

Planning to travel to Sointula to enjoy some world class fishing? You’ve come to the right place! But before you cast a line, you have a big decision to make; will you book multiple BC fishing charters each day of your trip or one luxury fishing resort package?

Both options might let you try your hand at reeling in a stunning King salmon or halibut, take in some incredible views, and make lasting memories. But if you’re looking for an elevated, all-inclusive experience that lets you relax and enjoy your vacation to the fullest, one option is the clear winner. 

Keep reading to learn more about both options, and how to make the right choice for you and your family for your next trip.

Booking Multiple BC Fishing Charters

The town of Sointula, located on remote Malcolm Island, is home to a handful of businesses catering to their yearly summer guests. Several of these businesses are fishing charters.

These BC fishing charters will allow you to get out on the water for a few hours or even a full day during your visit. If you only have a single day or two to explore Sointula, this might be your only option if you want to fish during your trip.

However, these short charters have some drawbacks. First, you may be on the boat with many other tourists. This means less personalized attention from your guide. If you’re new to fishing and need some help, this could limit your chances to cast a line. Additionally, with only a few hours to spend on the water, you’ll be limited in where you travel. If you have your heart set on reeling in a salmon or other fish during your visit, this limits your chances for success.

If you opt to book multiple BC fishing charters instead of a luxury stay at one of the best fishing lodges BC has to offer, you’ll also need to do some other planning for your stay. You’ll need to book your Sointula accommodation.In this small town, this could be a challenge, depending on when you’re visiting, the size of your group, and the type of accommodations you prefer. Another big challenge will be planning your meals. While there are a few restaurants on the island, your options will be limited. Some restaurants on the island close earlier than you might expect, which could make it tough to find a place to eat after a long day on the water.

Luxury Fishing Resort Packages

If you have 4 or 5-days to spend in Sointula, you can book a luxury fishing resort package from one of the best fishing lodges BC has to offer. Whether you want to spend more time fishing and exploring or want to avoid the hassles of finding a Sointula accommodation, food, and more, this is a great option.

When you book a 4- or 5-day Fishing Trip package at Sointula Lodge, you’ll enjoy a full itinerary packed with fishing in beautiful, remote locations throughout Blackfish Sound. After a filling breakfast each day, you’ll walk straight from the Lodge to the dock for a day on the water. With just 3 to 4 guests per boat, you’ll enjoy personalized attention from your experienced guides. They’ll not only help you as much as you need while fishing, but will also tell you more about the incredible landscapes and wildlife you’ll see during your visit.

In the afternoons, you’ll enjoy unique lunches, like a visit from the almost-famous Burger Boat and a luxury Beach Bistro picnic, featuring fresh seafood and other locally sourced ingredients. Besides being a great way to fill up, this also means you won’t have to miss any of your precious time on the water!

Besides having several days on the water to fish, when you book a luxury fishing package, you also get all of your accommodations, meals, and activities included. This means less planning for you, and more time to relax during your visit.

Booking Multiple BC Fishing Charters Vs. a Luxury Fishing Resort Package

Whether you book multiple BC fishing charters or a luxury fishing resort BC package, you’ll still get to experience beautiful Malcolm Island and the region’s incredible fishing. However, depending on how much time you have on the island and your goals during your stay, one option might be the better choice for you.

If you’re short on time and have just a day or two to spend, an afternoon fishing charter might be your only option. However, if you have the time, a luxury fishing resort package will give you not only more time on the water, but more opportunities to relax, unwind, and enjoy your next vacation!

Ready to see for yourself the difference a luxury fishing resort package makes? Book your summer 2022 package today!