Capturing the Perfect Vacation Photos During Your BC Fishing Lodge Adventure

How individuals experience the remote beauty of British Columbia varies from one person to the next. While our fishing packages are the most popular option for guests, our wilderness tour packages provide an alternative for those who’d prefer to do more than simply cast a line.

But there’s one activity that just about every visitor to the region enjoys during their visits, whether they’re fishing or not; photography. From carting around professional equipment to snapping selfies on a smartphone, we all love to capture our experiences to share or look back on once we get back home.

While anyone can point a camera and shoot, capturing stunning pictures of the beauty of your BC fishing lodge and the stunning backdrop of Malcolm Island takes a bit more practice. Keep reading to learn a few simple tips to help you capture the perfect vacation photos.

Pick Your Point of Interest

When you’re watching your friend fight a massive halibut or you’ve just spotted a whale breaching the surface, you might whip out your phone or camera and take a few quick shots. While action shots have their place, they often lack a clear focal point, which is a necessity if you want professional-quality photos.

The next time you want to take a landscape shot, pick a point of interest, like a shoreline or a mountain peak in the distance. Then, use the Rule of Thirds to align that focal point in your viewfinder or on your screen.

The Rule of Thirds says that you should divide your shot into three parts vertically and three parts horizontally. Then, aim to place your focal point on one of the two vertical or horizontal lines. For instance, if you’re shooting a distant mountain peak, center the peak on one or the other vertical lines. Then, use the horizontal lines to adjust your aim. The mountain peak might fall at the top of the highest line running horizontally across your image.

Don’t Forget the Candid Moments

Perfectly composed landscape photos make for excellent ways to capture the views you enjoyed on your BC fishing lodge adventure. But don’t discount the beauty of candid shots.

Images of your spouse watching for wildlife over the side of your boat. A snap of your your fresh caught fish in the cooler. Your children falling asleep on your flight home.

These candid moments are messy and disorganized, but they also capture the little moments that you’ll be able to look back on and smile about for years to come.

Skip the Selfie Stick

This tip is less to improve your photos and more to protect yourself. While selfie sticks might seem like a great way to capture photos of yourself enjoying an awesome hike or other outdoor adventure, they are also a huge distraction

Far too many tourists around the world have been injured or even killed when they lost their balance, stepped out in traffic, got too close to wildlife, or otherwise put their lives at risk while trying to take a selfie. If you’re  in a safe spot on a bright day, out in the open where there’s no wildlife, take a quick selfie with your friends or family. But besides that, it’s best to stick to landscape photos or take turns taking photos with your friends or family. That way you can focus on your surroundings rather than trying to pose and take photos all at once.

Learn to Use Your Shutter

If you’re using a true camera with an adjustable shutter, even if you don’t know how to use any other features, learn to use this one. Knowing how to adjust your shutter speed can help you do everything from capture low-light shots to freezing the movement of water.

This simple skill will go a long way towards helping you create your own stunning, unique images. Once you learn how to use it, look out for the small details that you can capture forever in a photograph. Look for waves lapping on the beach while you’re enjoying your beach picnic or dolphins leaping from the water beside your boat.

Capture the Golden Hour

If you want your very own professional-quality, beautiful photographs of your BC fishing lodge adventure to help you remember your trip forever, head to the beach during Golden Hour

The Golden Hour refers to the time around dawn and dusk when the sun is low and the light takes on a yellow-gold glow. If you know how to work your camera’s shutter to make sure that your images get enough light without being overexposed, it’s easy to capture beautiful photographs this time of day. The color of the light has a way of adding drama to every photograph, turning everyday scenes into something extraordinary.

Improving Your Vacation Photography

You don’t need to be a professional to capture incredible images of your family’s next BC fishing lodge adventure. With these simple tips, you can learn to capture the moment and take print-worthy pictures wherever you go.

Now that you know how to better capture your memories, it’s time to start planning your next adventure. Spots are already filling up fast for the 2022 season. Book your stay today and put your photography skills to work in remote and beautiful British Columbia!