Christmas Gifts for the Outdoors Lovers in Your Life

Whether you enjoy shopping or not, finding the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone on your list can be stressful. If you have outdoorsmen on your holiday list, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of the best Christmas gifts for every adventurous outdoor lover on your list. 


There’s a fine lining between enjoying the moment during an outdoor adventure and capturing the fun on camera. But having the ability to look back on an exciting trip is a wonderful way to relive the memories for years to come.

A GoPro is a great solution. With a variety of types of mounts to choose from, you can capture every moment of your next fishing excursion, a hiking trip, or other outdoor adventure, hands-free. 

If you know that your recipient already owns a GoPro, you can also gift them a new mount or other accessories like the Karma Grip, which is designed to minimize shaking when filming on the move. Memory cards are also always appreciated; anyone who films their outdoor adventures will tell you that you can never have enough!

Down Jacket

Another great gift idea for every outdoor lover on your list is a down jacket. From lightweight jackets to heavier coats, down makes a great gift because it’s just as home on your morning commute or while walking the dog as it is on a hiking trail or fishing trip.

With most outdoor clothing brands and even fashion brands offering their own range of down jackets, you’ll have no shortage of options to choose from. With a little searching, you can find just about any color or pattern option to customize your gift. A lighter layer is always a good choice because it can be layered under other layers in the winter to help your recipient stay warm, or be worn on its own the rest of the year on chilly evenings and mornings.

Check out this guide to learn how to choose the perfect down layer this holiday season.

Travel Journal

If you know that someone on your list gravitates away from technology and opts to unplug on their vacations, something like a GoPro might not be the right choice. Instead, a travel journal offers an alternative for keeping track of memories.

A beautiful travel journal is something your friends or loved ones will treasure. Stick to journals that will be easy to pack and carry with them, and durable enough to survive camping or other outdoor fun, so that they can journal on the go

Hiking Boots

Another must-have clothing item for everyone from casual hikers to serious backpackers is a pair of hiking boots. From lightweight hiking shoes to heavy-duty boots, there’s a pair for every outdoor activity.

If you know that the person you’re shopping for has a trip to Sointula Lodge planned, opt for waterproof boots to keep their feet warm and dry on the water or while exploring Malcolm Island. Other things to look for in a good pair of boots is a sole that offers lots of grip for rocky or slick surfaces, comfortable padding around the heel and ankle, and a durable exterior to stand up to bumps and scrapes.

When it comes to hiking boots, it’s important to get the right fit. Consider including a gift receipt just in case.

Warm Socks, Hats, and Gloves

Outdoor lover or not, everyone can use more warm socks, hats, and gloves this time of year. When it comes to choosing practical over fashionable, opt for wool, and especially merino wool, to keep your friends and loved ones warm and comfortable. All-weather gloves are a great choice, as they’ll keep their hands from getting chilled in rain or snow, or while spending time casting a line.

Magazine Subscription

Christmas looks a little different this year. Most of us will be celebrating with close family or those that we’ve been social-distancing with, which means not getting to see family or friends in other towns, states, or countries.

If you need to send a gift to someone far away or want something that will help your friend or loved one stay busy in the coming months while they’re spending more time at home, a magazine subscription is a great choice. There are tons of outdoor-themed magazines to choose from, so it’s easy to pick an option tailored to your gift recipient’s interests. Some great outdoor magazine options include:

Finding the Perfect Gifts for Every Outdoor Lover in Your Life

Whether your family is planning a visit to Sointula Lodge in 2021 or you have friends who love hiking, biking, and other outdoor fun, any of the gifts on this list are sure to be a hit!