Do You Have to Fish While Visiting a BC Salmon Fishing Lodge?

Have someone in your group who isn’t interested in casting a line? Or maybe that someone is you? Either way, you might be thinking that a visit to a BC salmon fishing lodge is the wrong choice for your next vacation. After all, why visit a fishing lodge if you don’t plan to fish?

But staying at BC fishing lodges is about so much more than just reeling in a tasty salmon or massive halibut. It’s about taking in the incredible scenery, experiencing the remote location, spotting wildlife, and enjoying plenty of rest and relaxation. And the best wilderness lodge BC has even offers private, customizable packages where guests can choose to skip fishing altogether.

Ready to start planning your next visit to a BC salmon fishing lodge? Keep reading to learn more about Sointula Lodge’s Wilderness Tours, and how to plan a trip if you don’t want to fish during your stay.

Wilderness Tours at Sointula Lodge

Sointula Lodge is, of course, a BC salmon fishing lodge. But while our Fishing Packages are a popular choice among visitors, we also recognize that they aren’t for everyone. Whether you don’t want to fish at all during your visit or you want to mix in some other outdoor activities like hiking, wilderness excursions, and more, our Wilderness Tour packages are a great alternative.

Unlike other BC fishing lodges, we offer both fishing-centric trips and luxury eco-tour vacations. Our Wilderness Tour packages are fully-customizable. You’ll work with your guide to choose each day’s activities. Take off in your private boat as your guide takes you on daily marine wilderness excursions. You can go in search of whales and orcas, explore scenic islands off the coast of Vancouver Island, and more. Have a picnic on the beach, swim beneath a towering granite cliff waterfall, and enjoy a hike on a scenic island.

Plus, you’ll also get to enjoy the unique amenities that help to make us the best wilderness lodge BC has to offer. Enjoy 5-star, coastal-inspired meals made with locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy some rest and relaxation in our hot tub beneath the stars or sweat it out in our traditional Finnish sauna. Take a stroll around the property and visit our friendly herd of alpacas. These packages are designed to be customized to you and your group’s interests. This also means that if someone in your group wants to spend some time fishing, you can make time for that, too!

Do You Have to Fish With a Fishing Package?

While our Wilderness Tour packages are a great choice for those looking to customize their vacation, our fishing trips remain a popular choice. Each day of your 4- or 5-day trip will be filled with fully-guided fishing excursions along the remote British Columbia coast. Your guide will take you to the best spots, and help guide you as you cast a line in search of salmon, halibut, and more.

If most of your group is hoping to spend their time fishing during their trip, a Fishing Package is likely the best choice. But if you don’t want to spend your entire time fishing, don’t fret; you can still tag along. Take in the beautiful scenery, watch for wildlife in the water and on the shore, and maybe snap some incredible photos. You’ll still get to enjoy a unique Beach Bistro picnic, a visit from our almost-famous Burger Boat, and spend your evenings relaxing and enjoying the Lodge’s amenities.

Planning Your Next Visit to a BC Salmon Fishing Lodge

Whether you have your heart set on casting a line or not, there are plenty of reasons to plan a stay at a BC salmon fishing lodge. With a Wilderness Tour package from Sointula Lodge, you can customize your 4- or 5-day adventure with a mix of activities. While you can plan some time to try your hand at fishing for salmon, halibut, and more, you can also go on daily marine wilderness excursions, hike on remote islands, swim beneath towering waterfalls, and more. Plus, you’ll still get to enjoy the incredible gourmet meals, luxurious accommodations, and unique amenities while at the Lodge.

If one or more members of your group are eager to book a Fishing Package, you can still tag along and skip the fishing. While the rest of your group fishes, you can take in the beautiful scenery, take photos, and relax. If you’re nervous to try fishing for the first time, our experienced guides will be there to lend a hand and help you join in, too.

The start of our summer season at Sointula Lodge is almost here, and our 2022 trips are filling up fast. Book your visit today and see for yourself what makes Sointula Lodge the best BC salmon fishing lodge!