How to Stay Safe and Healthy on Your Summer 2021 Vacation

While vaccines are rolling out quickly, travel will still look a little bit different this summer. Many families, couples, and solo travelers will take advantage of eased travel restrictions and the added safety of vaccinations and opt to take a summer vacation this year. If you were stuck at home last year and missed your usual summer adventures, a fun, relaxing, or adventurous vacation is likely looking even better this year.

But how can you stay safe and healthy on the go, with COVID-19 still a threat? Keep reading to learn a few tips to help you enjoy a much-needed, healthy vacation this summer season.

Soap is Still Best

Just a year ago, stores were running out of hand sanitizer much faster than manufacturers could produce it. Some companies started rolling out their own versions to help keep up with demand–for instance, many breweries and distilleries turned from liquor to hand sanitizer.

Now, many stores are discounting their hand sanitizer in an effort to get rid of piles and piles of overstock. You’ll want to grab a few of these to bring along with you on your summer adventures. A small bottle or two is great to have on hand when you’re in the airport, the car, or when you need to wash up quickly.

But keep in mind that experts still recommend good old soap and water over alcohol-based hand sanitizer, when you have access to it.

At a minimum, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the restroom, before and after eating, and after touching any high touch-point surfaces. While you’re in the airport, duck in a restroom before and after your flight to wash your hands, even if you’ve used the many hand sanitizer stations. If you have a long flight, make a visit to the plane’s restroom to wash up a time or two as well.

In between these wash-ups, it’s still a great idea to use hand sanitizer, especially after touching any surfaces others have touched. When you do get to a sink, be sure to use hot water. Scrub thoroughly between your fingers and up your wrists for at least 20 seconds.

Sanitize Surfaces

In addition to washing your hands thoroughly, you should also consider giving some high touch-point surfaces a wipe. For instance, when you board your flight, give your seat a wipe with an antibacterial cloth. Don’t forget to wipe down the armrests and tray table in addition to your seat.

If you stay in any hotels on your trip, be sure to ask about the cleaning measures they are taking as a precaution.

At Sointula Lodge, you can rest assured that your room has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before your arrival. No need to wipe down the remote or bathroom counter; we’ve made sure everything was clean and ready to go for you!

Give Your Immune System a Leg-up

There isn’t always a rhyme or reason for how an individual will react to the coronavirus. Healthy individuals ended up in the hospital for weeks after suffering serious side effects. Some immunocompromised individuals received quickly and easily at home, without medical attention, and without suffering any serious side effects.

But whether you think that your immune system is healthy and strong or not, it never hurts to give it a little extra boost while traveling.

Even without COVID-19, traveling can still threaten your health. Visiting new places and coming into contact with more people means more exposure to germs, as well as to viruses and illnesses that your body might not be equipped for. Even different plans and weather can wreak havoc on your allergies.

Starting a week or two before your trip, start taking measures to boost your immune system. Avoiding stress is one simple way to do this. Eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and veggies is another great tactic. You can even add some extra vitamin C to your diet to help you ward off illness.

Finally, make it a priority to get enough sleep each night. While this can be tough when you’re enjoying a vacation and trying to pack in as much as possible, it’s essential to keeping your body healthy.

Choosing a Healthy and Safe Vacation Destination

The final way to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy on vacation this year is by carefully choosing your destination. Whether you’ll have your vaccination or not, it’s still a smart idea to avoid major tourist designations. With more people eager to travel this year, these locations are likely to be even more crowded than usual. 

At Sointula Lodge, you can leave the crowds behind. Our intimate Lodge welcomes a limited number of guests for each trip. You’ll spend your days enjoying the outdoors, where you can relax and give your body a reset after a long, tough year. 

If you’re ready to start planning your summer 2021 vacation, book your trip to Sointula Lodge today!