Why is Now the Best Time to Plan Your Next BC Salmon Fishing Lodge Adventure?

Our summer 2022 season has come and gone at Sointula Lodge. While our Lodge closes to guests for the winter season, we’re already looking forward to the start of our next summer season at your favorite BC salmon fishing lodge.

For the next nine months, our staff will be hard at work preparing the Lodge for another year of incredible adventures. We’ll be scrubbing our boats, training our staff, making upgrades to the Lodge, preparing our fishing gear, and more before we welcome return guests and brand new friends to Sointula Lodge the second week of June 2023. 

But while the next summer season may seem far away, now is actually the best time to start planning your next BC salmon fishing lodge adventure! Keep reading to learn why, and to learn a few tips for planning your own adventure at the best fishing lodges BC has to offer.

Dates are Now Open for Summer 2023

At Sointula Lodge, we offer both 4- and 5-day trip packages on a rotating basis. We announced our trip dates the previous season, giving our guests more time to start planning their next bucket-list-worthy adventure!

While our summer 2022 season has come to a close, we are already accepting bookings for our summer 2023 season! You can check out our 2023 trip dates here.

Trips are Already Selling Out Fast!

Our summer 2023 trip dates and package options have been available for some time. And while there are more than 9 months left before the start of our next season here at the Lodge, some trip dates have already sold out!

At Sointula Lodge, we have room for just 18 guests at a time. We also offer guests the chance to book out the Lodge for their trip dates for a more private experience for their family, company, or another group. This means that trip dates may sell out quickly, especially if a group is planning a visit to our Lodge!

You’ll Enjoy More Time to Plan and Prepare

Booking your visit to one of the best fishing lodges BC has to offer as early as possible also means that you’ll have more time to plan and prepare for your trip! Our all-inclusive fishing trip and Wilderness Tour packages mean that you won’t need to do any planning during your trip. Our experienced staff will already have an itinerary of fun and adventure ready for you. From your meals to your daily fishing excursion to your evening activities, you won’t need to worry about making plans or coordinating those plans during your trip.

However, there are a few other things that you’ll need to plan for. This includes how you’ll arrive at the Lodge. You have a few options to choose from. A seaplane ride is the fastest and the most popular, way to arrive! This ride is a great way to start the adventure early with an aerial tour of the islands of coastal British Columbia that you’ll soon be exploring by boat. But you can also drive to Vancouver Island and transfer to Sointula Lodge via a ferry from Port McNeil.

If you’re traveling with kids, having extra time to look forward to your trip means that your little ones can learn more about the fish and other wildlife you might see, or maybe even learn a little about fishing before you arrive. Of course, this isn’t a requirement — whether you’re an experienced angler or are casting a line for the very first time, the staff of Sointula Lodge will be there to help with anything you need!

Choosing Your Summer 2023 Package

Before you book your summer 2023 visit to Sointula Lodge, you’ll need to choose your package. First, you’ll want to decide between a 4- or 5-day trip. If you’re set on a specific set of dates, this decision might be made for you. If you have the time, we always recommend an extra day of adventure! But you’ll still get to experience the best parts of our packages with our shorter trips.

Once you’ve decided how long you’ll be with us, you’ll need to choose between our fishing trips or wilderness trip packages. Our fishing trips are our most popular options and include full days of fishing. Our Wilderness Tour packages are more customizable and can include a mix of fishing, hiking, and sightseeing.

Both packages include delicious multi-course meals, special Beach Bistro picnics, the many on-site amenities, and your luxurious, rustic cabin with a private bathroom.

Booking Your BC Salmon Fishing Lodge Adventure

The best time to book your next BC salmon fishing lodge adventure is as soon as possible! Booking your trip early is a great way to increase your chances of getting your choice of dates. As spots are already filling up for some of our summer 2023 trips, waiting to book even a few weeks could mean losing out on your first choice of dates.

Not quite ready to book your next visit to one of the best fishing lodges BC has to offer? That’s okay! Now is still a great time to request some more information about any dates and packages or add-ons that you’re interested in! Submit your request and information today to learn more about the next season of fun and adventure at Sointula Lodge.