The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Booking All Inclusive Resorts BC

Think that all British Columbia fishing lodges are created equal? Think again. Some of the best all inclusive resorts BC has to offer — like Sointula Lodge — offer luxury accommodations, delicious meals, and a private experience. But book the wrong lodge, and you would wind up sleeping in a bunk bed and filling up on cold sandwiches.

Don’t risk your BC fishing lodge adventure being subpar. Check out these mistakes to avoid when booking your all inclusive getaway.

Booking Shared Accommodations

Just because you’re planning to spend your trip outdoors enjoying the pristine waters of coastal British Columbia doesn’t mean that you need to rough it. Booking shared accommodations might help you save some money. But it will also provide a far different experience than what you’ll get at the best all inclusive resorts BC has to offer.

Some British Columbia fishing lodges host guests in dorm-style accommodations with rows of bunk beds. You’ll not only share your sleeping space but bathrooms as well. At Sointula Lodge, guests enjoy private, luxury accommodations, including individual rooms and your own bathroom. No waiting in line for a shower first thing in the morning or listening to a stranger snoring through the night! This means you’ll get a better night’s sleep and have more energy for long days on the water!

Unless you’re dreaming of reliving the less-glamorous side of your college days, don’t make the mistake of booking shared accommodations during your stay.

Not Checking Out the Food

When you think about visiting British Columbia fishing lodges in a destination like remote Malcolm Island, you likely don’t think about dining in five-star restaurants. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the food at Sointula Lodge.

Four-course dinners are a popular highlight of our guests’ visits. Our chefs prepare gourmet meals each evening using locally sourced ingredients, including plenty of fresh seafood! You’ll also enjoy hearty breakfasts before you start your day. 

While dinners might be the most popular meal, lunches at our Lodge are unique as well. On one day of your trip, you’ll enjoy a visit from our almost-famous Burger Boat, which delivers fresh, hot burgers straight to your boat so you won’t have to miss a minute of fishing. On another day, you’ll enjoy a Beach Bistro. Our chef and service team will meet you on an island, where they’ll serve up a gourmet meal of freshly boiled crab, wine, and other tasty treats to enjoy while you take in the stunning views.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that other BC fishing resorts offer the same dining experience. At many lodges, your food will look more like what you might prepare yourself during a camping trip. Expect cold sandwiches while on the water, and hot dogs, hamburgers, and similar fare for dinner. If what you fill your belly with is important to you while you travel, make sure to ask about the food before booking a stay at any of the all inclusive resorts BC has to offer.

An Intimate Experience

If you’ve ever been on a large commercial fishing charter before, you know that a boat deck crowded with people is hardly an enjoyable atmosphere for fishing. Instead of being able to focus on casting a line and reeling in a once-in-a-lifetime catch, you’ll be more worried about not getting elbowed by the guest next to you. Unfortunately, if you don’t do your research, this is exactly the experience that you could wind up with during your stay at a British Columbia fishing lodge.

Not when you book with Sointula Lodge!

With room for just 18 guests during each trip, and with just 3 to 4 people per boat, you’ll never have to worry about getting lost in the crowd. Our experienced guides will be there to help you with your cast or answer your questions about the fish and other wildlife you might see.

Looking for an even more intimate experience or want to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary or milestone birthday? Our Private Boat Package upgrade can allow you to ensure that you’ll have just two people on your boat each day.

Booking the Best All Inclusive Resorts BC Has to Offer

Dreaming of casting a line for salmon and halibut in beautiful, remote British Columbia? Which resort you choose to book will have a big impact on your experience.

If you aren’t careful, you could end up crowded into shared accommodations and overflowing boats, where you’ll need to elbow your way in for a spot along the railing. After a long and rewarding day of fishing, you may find yourself filling up on an underwhelming meal that you could easily make on your own at home — and probably make better.

But when you book with Sointula Lodge, you won’t have to worry about any of this. We provide an elevated experience you won’t find at many British Columbia fishing lodges. From our private, luxury accommodations to our small boats to our delicious, gourmet meals, our all inclusive packages are a great way to enjoy the stunning wilderness of coastal Canada without having to rough it.

Ready to see for yourself what makes us one of the best all inclusive resorts BC has to offer? Book your visit today!