What International Travelers Need to Know When Booking Malcolm Island Vacation Packages in 2022

Malcolm Island vacation packages make planning a fishing or wildlife tour in beautiful British Columbia a breeze. Whether you’re visiting from another part of Canada or from anywhere else around the world, the all-inclusive packages from Sointula Lodge take care of all planning and expenses, so that you can relax, unwind, and enjoy yourself during your visit.

But for guests visiting from outside of Canada, there are a few extra planning steps you’ll need to be aware of ahead of your trip. Keep reading to learn what international travelers need to know about booking Malcolm Island vacation packages in 2022.

Apply for a Passport Early

International visitors to Canada will need a passport to enter the country. This is true whether you’re traveling by air, land, or sea (with the exception of closed-loop cruises originating in the U.S., which may allow entry to Canadian ports without a passport).

If you’re an American citizen starting to shop around for Malcolm Island vacation packages, don’t forget to check your passport’s expiration date. If you’ll need to renew your passport, or if you’ve never had one and need to obtain your first, make sure to do so at least 3 months before when you plan to travel. 

Passport processing times are taking longer than they did prior to the pandemic. Routine processing time estimates are currently between 8 and 11 weeks. Expedited processing can help if you’ve forgotten to renew your passport. However, this can still take up to 7 weeks. If your application is missing any important information or there are issues with your passport photo, this can further extend your processing times.

Know Your Visa or eTA Requirements

Depending on which country you’re visiting from and how you’re getting to Canada, you might need more than a passport to get in. Those traveling by air from most countries will need an eTA, or an Electronic Travel Authorization to enter Canada. This costs $7 CAD and can be applied for online.

Canada also requires residents of some countries to apply for a visa ahead of their visit.

Check for Travel Restrictions

Sointula Lodge is excited to welcome back guests in 2022. But with COVID-19 variants continuing to spread, some countries are still imposing restrictions on travel in and out of their borders.

If you’re considering booking a Malcolm Island vacation package in 2022, it’s important to continue checking both your own home country’s travel restrictions and Canada’s, ahead of your visit. You may need to schedule additional time before and after your trip to get a COVID test or to quarantine upon your return home.

Consider Travel Insurance

Travel insurance has always been an important investment, particularly for international travelers. But the COVID-19 pandemic has further demonstrated the importance of protecting yourself and your wallet with a travel insurance policy ahead of your next vacation.

There are endless situations when travel insurance can help to save you money. Depending on the type of insurance and the policy that you choose, your travel insurance may help reimburse you after a car accident while overseas, get your money back if you have to cancel a flight because of illness, or even allow you to seek medical help for an injury while outside of the coverage of your own health insurance.

Despite its importance, just 38 percent of Americans purchase travel insurance for their trips. If Malcolm Island vacation packages have you dreaming of a British Columbia getaway this year, don’t forget to add travel insurance to your list of must-haves ahead of your trip.

Exchange Your Currency

Most Canadian retailers accept major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, and Amex. However, you will likely need to notify your credit card provider if you plan to travel outside of the country. Some cards also impose international transaction fees.

While you won’t need it during your visit to Sointula Lodge, if you’d prefer to carry or use cash during your visit to British Columbia, you’ll want to plan ahead to exchange currency ahead of your trip or once you reach Canada.

Don’t Forget About Time Differences

When you’re booking Malcolm Island vacation packages, don’t forget to factor in any time zone changes that might apply. If you live in a different time zone than Sointula Lodge, it’s important to consider those when booking your travel plans. The last thing that you want to do is neglect to adjust for the time zone difference and arrive at the Lodge in the middle of the night as a result.

Book an All-inclusive Package to Make Planning a Breeze

Ready to start planning your own visit to Sointula Lodge in 2022? These tips can help make planning a visit from another country a breeze, and ensure that you can relax and unwind during your visit. 

Malcolm Island vacation packages make planning an international or domestic vacation a breeze. From your fishing gear to your food, lodging, and activities, everything is included. Your perfect itinerary is already set, which means less planning and stress ahead of your trip.

If you’re ready to start planning your next trip to Sointula Lodge, check out our package options to get started.