Why 2023 Should Be Your Year to Visit an All-Inclusive Fishing Lodge

The new year is almost here! While summer might still be nearly half a year away, now is a great time to start planning your 2023 adventure. And a visit to an all-inclusive fishing lodge might be just the answer.

Whether you’ve already had a chance to see for yourself what makes Sointula Lodge so special or you’re thinking about booking your very first visit, our fishing lodge is the perfect destination for 2023. From stress-free planning to the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends and spend more time outdoors, keep reading as we break down a few of the reasons why you should plan a visit to an all-inclusive fishing lodge in the new year.

We Could All Use More Time Outdoors

Research shows that people who spend more time outdoors live more fulfilling lives. Spending just 120 minutes a week outside has been shown to boost both our mental and physical health and well-being. Thia can mean less depression, anxiety, and even physical pain, including chronic pain. This is something we could all benefit from. 

The COVID-19 pandemic may be coming to a close. But many of us are still feeling its impact. Experts estimate that there has been a 25 percent increase in anxiety and depression worldwide since the start of the pandemic. The impact of COVID-19 on our health and our economy is likely partially to blame. However, an increase in the time spent indoors is likely a contributing factor as well.

A stay at British Columbia lodges is the perfect excuse to spend some incredible time outdoors. Each day, you’ll spend most of your time outside, enjoying the natural beauty of remote British Columbia. Whether you’re casting a line in hopes of reeling in a salmon or searching for bears, orcas, and other wildlife on a Wilderness Tour, you’ll find yourself quickly reaping the benefits of time outside, like a better mood and less anxiety. Of course, our luxury accommodations, friendly staff, and the stress-free aspects of an all-inclusive getaway are sure to help your mood, too!

It’s the Perfect Chance to Create Lasting Memories With Friends and Family

From your busy work schedule to living a long way apart from one another, there are plenty of things keeping you and your friends and family separate throughout the year. Even if you live right down the street, differing schedules and endless obligations can prevent you from spending quality time together.

If your goal is to reconnect with friends, loved ones, your spouse, or your kids, nothing beats a stay at an all-inclusive fishing lodge. Once you arrive at Sointula Lodge, your obligations fade away. No worrying about driving from one destination to the next. No time spent figuring out where to eat or what to do. Don’t worry about separating to enjoy different activities throughout the day. Instead, you’ll get to spend all of your time together during your four or five-day trip.

On top of all that together time, you’ll also be spending your time creating some incredible memories. From your kids’ first time reeling in a fish to the moment that you and your friends spot a pod of dolphins to taking in a sunset with your spouse, your time at Sointula Lodge will be filled with special moments you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

All-Inclusive Packages Make Planning a Breeze

More often than not, planning a relaxing vacation actually comes with quite a bit of stress. From booking hotels and rental cars to figuring out where you’ll eat and how you’ll spend your time, there are an endless number of details to think about. Even after your vacation begins, you’ll be faced with getting your group where they need to go, choosing places to eat that everyone will like, and making sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.

But booking a stay at all-inclusive fishing lodges eliminates these hassles. The only decision you’ll need to make is which package to book. After that, everything is handled for you. No worrying about what activities to enjoy each day or where you’ll eat; instead, everything is planned and taken care of for you. This means more time to relax, unwind, and enjoy yourself during your vacation!

Planning a 2023 Visit to the Best All-Inclusive Fishing Lodge

Ready to start planning your summer 2023 adventure? A visit to an all-inclusive fishing lodge may be the answer.

Sointula Lodge is the ultimate destination for families, groups of friends, couples, solo travelers, and more. Our stress-free all-inclusive packages make planning an amazing vacation a breeze. You’ll spend your trip reaping the benefits of time outdoors while creating some incredible memories with family and friends that you’ll no doubt treasure for a lifetime.

Ready to see what makes an all-inclusive trip to SOintula Lodge so special? Now is a great time to book your 2023 visit. Check out our available dates and packages today to get started.