Why a Luxury Fishing Vacation is the Perfect Choice for Every Traveler

Everyone has their own unique travel style. Some of us are looking to leave all of the stress and demands of our daily lives behind, seeking quiet relaxation. Others want to pack in as much adventure as possible. For some travelers, luxurious accommodations and delicious meals are top priorities. Others value stunning views, proximity to nature, or all-inclusive features.

Whether you’re an outdoor lover, a luxury seeker, someone who likes adventure or simply looking to relax, you’ll find everything you’re looking for on your fishing adventure with Sointula Lodge. Keep reading to learn more.

For Those Who Love to Relax

A fishing excursion might not sound like the most relaxing experience. And if you were doing the trip on your own, it wouldn’t be. 

You’d need to gather up all of the right gear and supplies, including renting a boat for your trip. Each day of your trip, you’d need to drive to the dock and put your boat in the water, then spend hours finding the right spot to cast a line, baiting hooks, and navigating unfamiliar waters. If you do get lucky enough to catch something, you also have the unpleasant experience of cleaning it, all before you can get back to your hotel to unpack and clean your gear before you can relax for the day. Not to mention you’ll need to find time in there to prepare meals or maybe eat a quick, cold lunch.

But when you book a fishing vacation with Sointula Lodge, the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying yourself. Because we provide and take care of every detail of your trip, you’ll spend your time casting a line, taking in the incredible scenery, and enjoying yourself. We even clean and package your catch for you to take home after your trip. After a day on the water, you’ll kick back and relax around the campfire or take a dip in the hot tub. You’ll enjoy 3 delicious meals a day, all prepared by our world-class chefs and brought right to you, even if you’re on the water.

If you think that even casting a line might interrupt the vacation relaxation you crave, you can always book one of our Wilderness Tours instead!

For Those Who Love Adventure

A vacation at Sointula Lodge is an adventure right from the start. Just getting to the Lodge is an adventure. Located on Malcolm Island in Blackfish Sound in the pristine Inside Passage of British Columbia, you’ll need to take a ferry boat or seaplane to reach us.

At the Lodge, you can roll out of bed in the morning and walk straight to the dock where your boat awaits, ready for that day’s adventure (after enjoying a tasty breakfast, of course!). Surrounded by untouched wilderness, you’ll spot wildlife on the shores while you battle at the rod with a large Chinook. Watch for Orcas and Bald Eagles in the Inside Passage. When you get off the water, ride a bike or enjoy a hike on beautiful Malcolm Island.

For Those Who Crave Luxurious Accommodations

While our Lodge might be located on a remote island, our accommodations are anything but rustic. With room for just 18 guests, our luxurious accommodations offer the perfect mix of tranquility and natural beauty. An intimate experience from start to finish, our entire staff are eager to help ensure that you enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

For Foodies

During your visit to Sointula Lodge, you’ll enjoy 3 gourmet meals a day prepared by our talented chefs. Dinners at the Lodge are always multi-course, made with locally-sourced ingredients.

But it isn’t just the sit-down dinners you have to look forward to. Sointula’s Burger Boat, our almost-famous chow boat, delivers filling burgers and bangers on the water so that you don’t have to miss even a minute of fishing. You’ll also enjoy a Beach Bistro on a private beach for one of the lunches during your stay (tides permitting!)

For Life-long Learners

If you love to learn about the places you visit during your vacations, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to know more about the wildlife you spot or the history of the area, our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions. 

For Anyone Looking for the Vacation of a Lifetime

No matter your vacation style, Sointula Lodge offers a custom experience that every traveler is certain to enjoy.  But one of the best things about a vacation with Sointula Lodge is that it doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. 

Once you’ve enjoyed your first fishing or eco-tour adventure, we guarantee you’ll want to come back again as soon as possible! If you haven’t had a chance to visit Sointula Lodge yet, book your first trip today and start planning the vacation of a lifetime!