Why Our Fishing Resort Beats Sointula Hotels Every Time

Dreaming of visiting picturesque Malcolm Island? Despite the island’s small size, visitors actually have a number of lodging options to choose from. But while there are several Sointula hotels that can make for a pleasant visit, one option stands out.

Sointula Lodge is an all-inclusive fishing lodge located on Malcolm Island. The property features 10 cabins that provide private accommodations to each of our guests. With space for just 18 guests at a time, you’re guaranteed an intimate experience every time.

While most of the Sointula hotels are small, quaint affairs, at Sointula Lodge, we specialize in providing an elevated, luxury experience. You’ll enjoy delicious chef-prepared multi-course meals, access to a variety of amenities, and more. Plus, your stay is all-inclusive!

Ready to start planning your next visit to Malcolm Island? Keep reading to learn more about why Sointula Lodge beats Sointula hotels every time!

An All-Inclusive Experience

Perhaps the biggest thing that Sointula Lodge has over Sointula hotels is that you’ll enjoy an all-inclusive vacation. Paying for Sointula hotels might seem like a good way to save some money upfront. But when you add up your costs for three meals a day, drinks, transportation, fishing excursions, and other activities, you’ll quickly find yourself spending the same or more than you would on a Sointula Lodge package

When you book a fishing excursion or a private wilderness tour with Sointula Lodge, you’ll get an all-inclusive experience. From meals to gear to excursions to your lodging, everything is included in a single price. This means that upon arrival, you won’t need to worry about carrying around your wallet while you’re casting a line or exploring the backwaters in search of orcas.

Fine Dining

If you’re dreaming of going fishing while you’re visiting Malcolm Island, but don’t stay at Sointula Lodge, you’ll need to book individual fishing excursions with a local charter. There are a few drawbacks to this. One big one is the food.

If you’ve ever taken a day trip fishing excursion in a tourist area, you know that a cold-cut sandwich or hot dog just doesn’t cut it after a long day on the water. But that’s likely what you’ll get from most local fishing excursions. 

With an all-inclusive package from Sointula Lodge, you won’t have to worry about eating a cold meal or going hungry while spending hours battling King salmon. Before you even hit the water, you’ll enjoy a delicious, hearty breakfast. After a long day of exploring, you’ll enjoy gourmet, 4-course meals prepared by our expert chefs.

But perhaps the best meals you’ll enjoy during your visit are our famous lunches. On one day, after a full morning of fishing, you’ll head to a private beach for the Beach Bistro, where chefs and staff will serve up fresh seafood like boiled crab and fine wine while you enjoy the incredible scenery. Another day, you’ll be greeted on the water by our almost-famous Burger Boat, delivering fresh, hot burgers and other snacks right to you so that you don’t have to miss out on any time fishing. 

Our chefs make every effort to promote local food suppliers who practice eco-safe, sustainable farming, fishing, and harvesting.

Luxury Accommodations

While our Lodge might be located in a rustic setting, your accommodations are anything but that. Guests stay in one of our 12 private guest rooms, which are located in either original Cedar cabins or smaller log cabins built with Vancouver Island Douglas Fir trees. 

Each room is furnished with comfortable beds adorned with warm down comforters and cotton sheets. Relax in a cozy robe while you sit on your patio and take in the ocean views. Each room features a private bath and offers turn down services and daily room service. While many of the Sointula hotels are cute and comfortable, you won’t find these luxuries in any of them.

Off-Water Amenities

When you’re not fishing, dining, or relaxing in your room, there’s plenty more to see and do during your stay. On-site, take a soak in our hot tub or relax in our Finnish sauna. Or, wind down and work out the kinks with a massage from our local masseuse. 

If you’re looking for something a little more active, you can take a remote hike to Bere Point, where orcas are known to rub their stomachs on the beach. Take to the water on a kayak or paddleboard for a leisurely ride. Or cruise the waterfront road into the town of Sointula on one of our bikes. To do these activities outside of Sointula Lodge, you’d need to pay a fee. Many are not available elsewhere on the island.

No Fish-Cleaning Required

While catching fish is the goal, after a fun and exciting day of reeling them in, having to clean and prepare them to take home is the last thing you’ll want to do. While you head to your room to clean up before dinner and relax, our staff will take care of the mess. 

Our experienced team will professionally process your fish while you enjoy a happy hour. They’ll place your fish in storage, and when you’re ready to go, pack it into wax boxes that you can check as luggage on your way home.

If you opt to do a different fishing charter or go fishing on your own during your stay in Sointula hotels, you’ll likely be left to clean your fish on your own.

Knowledgeable, Professional Staff

Whether it’s your first time fishing for salmon and you have questions or you want to learn more about the wildlife you see in the water and on the shore, our staff can help. Our knowledgeable, experienced team is there to help with anything you need and is ready to answer your questions and ensure you have an incredible trip.

And because our Lodge hosts up to just 18 guests at a time and each of our boats carries just 3 to 4 visitors, you’ll get one-on-one help and guidance during your trip. 

Skip the Sointula Hotels

Sointula hotels can be a good base camp for a simple, quiet visit to Malcolm Island. But if you’re dreaming of spending your days fishing or exploring the wilderness, want a more luxurious stay, or are looking for the convenience of an all-inclusive stay, you can’t beat a stay at Sointula Lodge.

While our next season is still a few months away, now is the time to book your 2023 visit to Sointula Lodge. Spots are already filling up fast, so book your trip today to guarantee your choice of dates!