Wilderness Trips Vs. Fishing Excursions: Which British Columbia Fishing Resort Adventure is Right for You?

Planning a British Columbia fishing lodge resort adventure in 2023? Some fishing lodges offer a standard trip package to guests. But here at Sointula Lodge, we offer two types of trip packages for guests to choose from.

While we may be better known for our luxury Fishing Trips, we also offer two Wilderness Tour packages, each offering the same level of luxury as our standard fishing options.

Unfortunately, choosing between two incredible trips can be a challenge. If you don’t have time to book both, keep reading to learn a little more about each option, and how to choose the right package from the best fishing lodge British Columbia has to offer.

Our Classic, Luxury Fishing Trips

Our British Columbia fishing resort first began offering guided fishing excursions in the early 1980s. Through several decades and a change in ownership, we’ve honed our craft. Today, our Fishing Trip packages are some of the best luxury fishing excursions that British Columbia has to offer.

Besides our incredible location on the pristine waters of Blackfish Sound, there are a number of other perks that make our Lodge the perfect destination for a fishing excursion. 

Experienced Guides

Experienced, licensed guides know the ins and outs of the water and the fish that call it home. They’ll take you to the right spots, and offer advice and guidance to help you reel in that perfect catch. 

Whether it’s your first time casting a line or you’re an experienced angler, they’ll be there to offer just the right level of help, while also ensuring that your trip is fun, comfortable, and memorable. From taking pictures of you holding up your prized catch to telling you stories about the region or facts about the wildlife you’ll spot, they’re experts on creating the ultimate vacation experience.

World-Class Fishing

The waters of coastal British Columbia are teeming with an abundance of unique fish and other wildlife.

The salmon, in particular, are what largely draw anglers from around the world. Here you’ll find five species of Pacific salmon, including Coho, Chum, Pink, Sockeye, and Chinook, also known as King salmon.

Halibut is another popular catch you might get lucky enough to reel in during your visit.

Enjoying Fishing Without the Mess and Stress

If you love to fish, but don’t necessarily love prepping and transporting your gear and the messy task of gutting and cleaning your fish, a luxury excursion from the best fishing lodge British Columbia has to offer may be for you. Our team not only takes care of any and all gear that you’ll need, but they’ll also process your fish for you after each day on the water. 

You can sit back and enjoy a happy hour, watching the sunset while your fish is expertly cleaned and packaged for you to take home.

Wilderness Tours

Our classic luxury British Columbia fishing resort packages are perfect for the experienced angler looking for world-class fishing and a unique experience. But if fishing isn’t your forte, you’re looking for something unique, or you have a wildlife lover in your group, our Wilderness Tours are a great alternative.

These tours feature many of the same perks and luxuries of our fishing excursions, but with a focus on spotting both marine and land-based wildlife rather than casting a line.

Experienced Guides

Our experienced, licensed guides can easily go from fishing instructors to wildlife tour experts. Each day, they’ll take you out on the water in search of a variety of types of wildlife. As you spot them, you’ll also learn about these unique creatures, conservation efforts, and more.

Once you’ve met with your guide, he or she will work with you to customize your experience. From swimming alongside granite cliff waterfalls to private picnics on remote islands to ocean whale watching, we’ll create a unique experience that’s tailored to your interests.

World-Class Wildlife

While you might not be reeling in one of our region’s famous salmon, you’ll enjoy no shortage of wildlife sightings on your trip. 

From orcas to sea lions to eagles to bears, British Columbia’s shorelines and waterways are overflowing with wildlife, some of which are found only in this region. The Broughton Archipelago is one of the most concentrated areas of marine wilderness in the world. If you’re lucky, you might even get to spot an elusive population of wolves and cougars or watch Pacific White-Sided Dolphins play alongside your boat.

A Comfortable Backwoods Adventure

With our incredible location, you can leave the Lodge each day to explore the remote wilderness, then return to all of the creature comforts and luxuries, like gourmet meals, comfortable accommodations, and even a steaming hot tub and sauna.

If you want to experience nature without having to backpack into the wilderness or rough it on a camping trip, this is the way to go. For families traveling with children or adults looking to relax, nothing beats a Wilderness Tour.

Choosing the Right British Columbia Fishing Resort Package

Before you start enjoying the trip of a lifetime, you’ll have to choose the right British Columbia fishing resort package. While each option is unique, we’re certain you won’t be disappointed with either choice. If you’re dreaming of reeling in a salmon or maybe finally learning how to fish, we recommend one of our luxury fishing excursions. If you have a wildlife lover in your group, want to learn more about the region’s unique ecosystem, or you’ve already enjoyed one of our fishing trips and want something unique, consider booking one of our Wilderness Tours.

Both options also offer several upgrades, like private boats for couples looking for an even more unique adventure.

Still on the fence about which trip is right for you? Contact us today to learn more about our tours and what you’ll experience on both.