A To-Do List for the Best Fishing Lodge British Columbia Has to Offer

Our 2022 season has come to an end. But it’s never too early to start prepping for a visit next season! At Sointula Lodge, we’re excited to welcome guests back for our second season under new ownership. On a 4- or 5-day adventure at the best fishing lodge British Columbia has to offer, you’ll have a chance to enjoy relaxing boat rides and take in a sunset or two. But you’ll also have a hefty to-do list to cross off during your visit. And you won’t want to miss a single thing! Keep reading for the ultimate list of must-dos for your next trip.

Take a Seat in the Fish Chair

This popular icon is located in the Lodge. Taking a seat in this beautifully carved chair—named for the large fish perched at the top—is an honor that’s awarded for several different things! Want a chance to take a seat on the throne? You can earn it by catching the biggest fish of the day, spotting wildlife, or simply having an amazing day! There’s even a robe and crown fit for royalty to go with the chair.

Dig Into a Burger on the Water

A visit from our almost-famous Burger Boat is often one of our guests’ favorite memories! It’s scientifically proven that food tastes better when you enjoy it on the water. Our Burger Boat will pull up right alongside your boat. That way, you can dig into a hot, delicious lunch without having to lose a single minute of your fishing time.

Say Hi to Our Lodge Pup

It won’t be tough to remember this next item on your to-do list. Our lodge pup Moose will likely introduce himself! Our lovable Chocolate Lab loves playing fetch, sunbathing, and eating snacks. Look for him relaxing in some sunshine or checking the beach for sticks. Say hello, grab a selfie, and maybe play a round or two of fetch with him.

Visit Our Resident Alpacas

Moose isn’t the only friendly animal you’ll find at Sointula Lodge. We may be one of the best fishing resorts BC interior has to offer, but we’re also home to a small farm, complete with a herd of lovable alpacas. Pick an apple from the tree to give them a sweet treat, or just stop by for a quick scratch behind the ears—you’ll be their new best friend!

Get a Picture in Front of the Sointula Lodge Sign

Another absolute must-do during your visit is to get your very own picture in front of our famous Sointula Lodge sign. Located on the dock, this sign is where our staff take pictures of our guests with their daily catches. Hold up your biggest catch of the day with pride and flash a smile while we take a picture you’ll love to show off to family and friends back home!

Take a Pic of Your Food

A picture of your freshly caught fish in front of our sign isn’t the only thing you’ll want to show off back home. At Sointula Lodge, we’re known for our incredible, gourmet meals. Before you dig into that drool-worthy dish, get a quick picture—guaranteed to inspire jealousy and a growling stomach in everyone back home!

Spend a Moment Taking it all in

Between the excitement of reeling in a big Chinook or watching an orca racing through the water, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Even on our 5-day trips, by the end, it can feel like your visit flew by. 

For that reason, we recommend taking a moment or two during your trip to take it all in. Pause on the dock to take in a sunset, or rise early to watch the fog rolling across the water in the morning. Reflect on your trip so far, and on what’s ahead of you. Take in the sights, smells, and excitement, so you’ll be able to look back on it long after your trip is over! It doesn’t hurt to take plenty of pictures during your trip, too!

Planning Your Next Visit to the Best Fishing Lodge British Columbia Has to Offer

Planning a visit to the best fishing lodge British Columbia has to offer? These are just a few of the things you’ll definitely want to do during your stay at Sointula Lodge. Of course, in between saying hello to Moose or our alpacas and getting pictures in front of our sign, you’ll also enjoy some incredible fishing, spot wildlife in the water and on land, enjoy delicious meals, and spend quality time with your family and friends—and maybe a few new friends, too!

Even though it’s still months away, spots are filling up fast for our summer 2023 trips! Book your visit today to guarantee your choice of dates, and to give you plenty of time to plan for and look forward to your Sointula Lodge adventure!